Prophetic Word for the 10th of August 2019

Prophetic Word for the 10th of August 2019 - I am calling you forth Why do I find you still sitting in your old homes? Why are you still walking the same path? Why are you still listening to the same old voices of the enemy? Have I not called you forth, out of the old ways onto the new path to Glory? Have my prophets not send you messages after messages to tell you the truth? I am calling you forth Now I will call you again out of the world and Babylon. Leave the old behind and walk the narrow path in the Great Exodus towards Mount Zion. The enemy is growing stronger in the world and my children can not remain in his dominion. There I can not protect you because the enemy had to receive his time on earth. Only if you come out of the world and Babylon I can cover you under my wings, protect you from the minions of the enemy and guide you to the promised land. I am calling you forth! This is my last call. You have received my messages and now you must decide either to stay on my side or to choose death. Many people are right now in the valley of decision. Come out and choose Life! Michael Triple Grace

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