Prophetic Word for the 1st of September 2019

Prophetic Word for the 1st of September 2019 - A warning The time of Nehemiah is at hand. A remnant will be left and they will face the Antichrist. Seals will be opened. This will be the time of reformation and restoration for the church. A return to old values and a return to the Lord. This is your final warning! As Nehemiah has reformed the left behind in Jerusalem my servant will restore my altar to its former glory and will bring the children back to the Father. He will take care of the poor, nameless and faceless and will bring the left behind into Unity, Love and Support. This is your final warning! A door is opened in front of you but many have rejected it due to their old ways and old teachings. I tell you this is the door that will save you. It will lead you to the places of safety that I have set up for you where I will place you under my wings of protection. Michael Triple Grace

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