Prophetic Word for the 6th of September 2019

Prophetic Word for the 6th of September - A new Altar My servant is restoring a new altar in the midst of desolation. A new path for my faithful children and a new way through the wilderness. Spirit and Faith will be restored as it was in former times. My Glory will rest on this altar and it will attract my true believers. A new altar is built This altar will gather my people into Unity, into one heart, one soul and one mind. They will have all in common and will share their resources with anybody who has need. This altar will empower them to walk into their neighborhoods and to preach my words to a dark generation. A new altar is built My apostles of old had established such an altar for my first followers and miracles and wonders were the result of true worship. Now I will give you this power if you come together at the new altar in Love, Unity and Support. Follow my servant who is establishing this altar for you! Michael Triple Grace