Prophetic Word for the 8th of September 2019

Prophetic Word for the 8th of September 2019 - 7 Facets Many of my followers read the bible and think that my words will apply only once and are then fulfilled. However the truth is that any of the prophecies given in the bible have 7 facets or patterns. They apply to my Saints, my Prophets, the Israelites, the Church, the Remnant, the Jews and the end times. 7 Facets of my word Only when these 7 facets are completed then my word and my prophecy are fulfilled. Now go and read my holy scriptures again and see how many prophecies are still to be fulfilled. For each of the 7 facets the outcome will be slightly different because another group or another time is of purpose. 7 Facets of my word Many scholars have failed to understand and interpret my scriptures correctly because they do not have the understanding of the 7 facets and their applications. Keep always in mind that my words will come true 7 times and not only ones. All prophecies will be fulfilled as they are written in the bible. Michael Triple Grace

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