Prophetic Word for the 10th of September 2019

Prophetic Word for the 10th of September 2019 - Prepare for the seals Prepare for the seals that I am going to open right now. Come together in Love, Unity and Support in my assemblies of love and righteousness. Get ready to support one another in the coming calamities. Share your resources with your brothers and sisters in need. Prepare for the seals The seal tribulation period is at hand. It contains severe disasters but it is also the time of my great harvest. The remnant church will be awoken from her slumber and will either walk my ways or will fall prey to the Antichrist. Prepare for the seals My true followers of the path will arise and my altar will be restored to its former glory. I will send you the spirits of Moses and Elijah to help you. Gather at my holy mountain after you have brought in the wheat into my barn. I will bless you for your faithful work in the seal period. Michael Triple Grace