Prophetic Word for the 11th of September 2019

Prophetic Word for the 11th of September 2019 - Love one another Have I not given you this commandment that you should love one another? Now when I open the seals it will be the only way to survive that you love one another. The seals require unity between my sheep, support for all who have need and sharing resources when ever required. Love one another Enter my safe havens, my assemblies of love and righteousness, and love one another not only in your assembly but in all assemblies across the globe. Disasters will strike and I will call upon you to help many people. If you are not ready to love one another and to share your resources then you are not part of my flock. Love one another In Unity will you stand against the Antichrist in my assemblies and there will I protect you and take you under my wings. Come together in Love, Unity and Support in my places of safety. Learn how to share resources and to support one another and in doing so you will bring forth the love of the Father for all to see. Michael Triple Grace

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