Prophetic Vision given by the Lord on 17th September 2019

Prophetic Vision given by the Lord on Tuesday 17th of September 2019 - 1000% worse The Lord woke me up in the middle of the night and showed me this vision: I saw fires all over the earth and in my spirit I knew that these fires accelerated the climate in the world. Smoke and fire destroyed crops and harvests and soon the people started to fight over resources. Armed men were controlling the land but the Lord let me and my people? to a well in a desert/wilderness and we were protected from the armed groups. Over time the situation got really worse and at that time the Lord guided me to a cave in a mountain and within this cave I found a waterfall/fountain of pure light. I removed all of my dirty clothes and entered the fountain. When I came out I was covered in new clothes but I could not recognize the fabric or material. It was like a body suit that was bright as light. The Lord then ordered me to bring all my people? to this cave and they formed a long line in front of the fountain. One by one they removed their dirty clothes and entered the light. All received this new shining cloth and we had a large group of people in new armor. At that moment I saw from inside the cave armed men looking for the entrance to the fountain but they could not find it. It was only visible for selected people. Next the Lord commanded me to go and bring in His people and he guided me to the groups that should come and get changed. After a certain time the Lord said: "That are all" but I pleaded with him many times and He allowed more and more but really tiny groups to join. Finally He spoke in a strong voice: "Michael, it is complete" and He ordered all of us to assemble at a certain place. All people who had their clothes changed came together and then suddenly we were translocated to a huge mountain. This was not an ordinary mountain but made out of energy. Mighty energy clouds twisted and moved about and all people got scared including myself. Out of nowhere a voice like thunder came and said: "Come up hither" and immediately a gate opened in the clouds and we all entered into Paradise. Next I saw me standing with Jesus and I asked him: "The seal tribulation was very difficult. How much worse will be the trumpet period?" and Jesus replied: "10% stronger!" and I asked again: "And the lake of fire?" and Jesus said: "100% worse than the trumpet period!". I marveled and was shocked that the lake of fire would be 1000% more worse than the seal tribulations. End of vision! Michael Triple Grace

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