Prophetic Word for the year 5780

The year 5780 - Your year of new beginnings This the year when you step into your destiny. Your plans and visions of the last 10 years will now manifest in the open and you will taste what was once only in your spirit. It is the year of the mouth, praying and manifesting the true and narrow path of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The year when you connect worldwide with communities of love and righteousness but also the year when GOD will set you free from all bondage and slavery. You will come out of the world and Babylon and will be set apart for your prophetic work in the nations. You will come together in Love, Unity and Support with your friends and families in holy tents of GOD, assemblies of purity, in your houses and you will shine the light into your neighborhoods. You will be freed from all addictions and temptations of this world and you will be born again to fulfill your purpose here on earth. 5780 is the year of birthing forth your destiny into the open. What has matured for a long time in your belly will finally come forth for the Glory of the Lord. New prophets, new teachers, new preachers and new evangelists will arise and will speak with the authority of the Holy Spirit and will turn many to righteousness. You will join a worldwide community of true and faithful believers who are guided by the Holy Spirit and are walking in Spirit and Truth. You will have all in common and you will support the heavenly kingdom by spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom to all Nations. In this year 5780 you will die to yourself and get reborn as a true son or daughter of the Most High and you will share your resources with like minded believers all over the world to build a network of prophetic voices that spans all continents. You will not only speak heavenly truth with your mouth but you will taste the goodness of the Lord and the fruits of your faithful labor in Christ Jesus. You will lift up the children, the old, the widows and the poor daily without any honors or worldly recognition. You will appear from nowhere, help and then disappear before anybody can even thank you. This is the year of mighty works in the name of the Lord, a year of wonders and miracles and a year of changed people. Blessings will be poured out onto you if you do your mighty works in secret! The first changes are already at hand with new assemblies forming in Cambodia by people who formerly followed idols and false gods. They are new faithful believers and need our prayers and help. If you are guided to start the year 5780 with a good deed then support these new assemblies and follow the link: Funds are needed for study materials, bibles, equipment and rent for meeting places. Support the newly born babies in Christ and provide for them a great start in Christ Jesus! Speak forth the truth and taste the goodness of the Lord by joining other faithful communities and support the many causes that the Lord has given to us: or The year 5780 is your year to step into your GOD given authority by becoming an elder, a state or national leader in your country to bring in the harvest of the Lord: Be blessed in the name of the Lord and use your mouth in 5780 to speak forth and to taste the goodness of our GOD! Michael Triple Grace

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