Prophetic Word for the 30th of September 2019

Prophetic Word for the 30th of September 2019 - Stand up Somebody has to stand up to draw the line against the enemy. Somebody must be a new David and will face the giants. Somebody will dance in front of me as David did and somebody must restore my altar as Elijah did on Mount Carmel. Stand up! You are called to stand up and I will send the spirits of Moses, Elijah and David to help you to gain victory of the enemy, Satan himself. You will become a giant slayer and demons will whisper your name in fear. You will gather my remnant with the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit. Stand up! Into your hands will I give my sheep and you will be their faithful shepherd. They will hear your voice and you will lead them to my holy mountain. You will gather them into unity and safety with the support of my angels and my holy saints. I will walk with you through any wilderness and will protect you always! Michael Triple Grace

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