Prophetic Word for the 18th of October 2019

Prophetic Word for the 18th of October 2019 - Understand Understand that my times are not your times and that I will return at my choosing. I commanded you to look up for my coming. You limit my words by saying it must be 7 years because it was given to Daniel. It was given to Daniel but it was for one group only. Understand my times There will be times for my bride, my remnant church and my chosen people. I sent wisdom to many of my prophets and still you try to fit all in 7 years. Open your mind to the big picture and see the end times from my perspective of saving all children and that no sheep should get lost. Understand my times I will attend to each group in different periods and so you can extend the 7 years by each group. The first my bride (7 years), then the remnant church (7 years) and finally my chosen people (7 years). It will be 7 years but for each group and so my words will stand and will be fulfilled as prophesied. My words can never fail. Michael Triple Grace

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