Prophetic Word for the 13th of November 2019

Prophetic Word for the 13th of November 2019 - Unconditional love I have unconditional love for my children and especially for my little ones and the vulnerable in this world. I will never forget nor forsake you and I will send my holy people to take care of you. You will recognize them by their unconditional love for you. Unconditional love Did you believe that I will leave even one of my children behind? They might not come to me in one event but if they missed the first then I will prepare them for the next. My love for all of creation is indescribable and many who are following doctrines of men are missing it because they exclude many. Unconditional love I am not the creator of doctrines but the Father of many through unconditional love. I sent my only begotten son to teach you this love. Have you not understood his ways which are also my ways? Why are you still following doctrines of men instead to show forth my love into the Nations by taking care of the needy, the children and the vulnerable? Michael Triple Grace

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