Prophetic Word for the 16th of November 2019

Prophetic Word for the 16th of November 2019 - Empower them Come together in Love, Unity and Support in my dwelling places of Zion and gather them together in Spirit and Truth. Empower them with the Holy Spirit and send them out into the neighborhoods to heal the sick, to console the brokenhearted and to set the slaves free. Empower them Teach and train them in your assemblies so that they will know the secrets of heaven and my ways that my son Jesus had shown to you in his ministry. Let them be my new disciples on the higher level of understanding and wisdom. Filled with heavenly understanding, a newly born creation, my harvest workers for the harvest of the ages. Empower them Train them to be my army that will win souls all over the world. No nation shall be left unharvested and no town will be forgotten. I will protect my assemblies with a cloud and smoke by day and with a flaming fire by night so that the enemy can not find nor see you. I am your GOD and I am holy. Michael Triple Grace

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