Prophetic Word for the 20th of November 2019

Prophetic Word for the 20th of November 2019 - Consider Consider what I have told you through my prophets and apostles. Consider that from this day forward I will bless you. I will bless you if you follow my commandments and abide in my ways. Come close to me and copy my examples that I have set for you. Consider Consider what is written in the Holy Scriptures and what I have taught you through my complete ministry on earth. I am coming for my bride now but I am looking for a bride who has made herself ready and who has enough oil in her lamp. Consider Consider your ways and compare them to my path. Are they the same? Has the spirit of Elijah who runs before me convicted you to repentance? And have you repented so that you become holy as I am holy? I will clothe my bride in the finest linen available and I will take her to my Father's house. Are you worthy to be my bride, tried and ready to get married? Michael Triple Grace