Prophetic Word for the 7th of December 2019

Prophetic Word for the 7th of December 2019 - A line must be drawn A line must be drawn and you must make a decision. Either you will stand with me or your will serve the enemy in this world. Many of my children are misled by their shepherds who not only tolerate the world but also encourage their sheep to do worldly things. Woe to you shepherds who are leading my sheep astray! A line must be drawn As on Mount Carmel the people had to decide either to stay with the wicked King Ahab and his satanic wife Jezebel or to separate themselves from the evil world and to stand with my anointed one, Elijah. As soon as they decided to stay with me and truly separated themselves from the followers of Baal I did mighty miracles in their place. A line must be drawn Today you are on Mount Carmel and you are facing a decision that will determine your eternity. Will you stand with me or will you remain in the world and stand with the Antichrist. You must decide today because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Do not follow your false prophets you are telling you that nothing can happen to you and that I am tolerating and promoting your worldly businesses. They are liars and I warned you many times that false Christ will come and will deceive many. Choose today whom you will serve! Michael Triple Grace