Prophetic Word for the 12th of December 2019

Prophetic Word for the 12th of December 2019 - Healing I promised you healing immediately when you came to my door. You asked for healing in my name and I have granted it. It will change you suddenly and with a force at a time you do not wait for. My ways are not your ways but rest assured that I have heard your prayers. Healing For me nothing is impossible. Your healing is accepted and decreed already. My angels are tasked to reach out for you. I will restore you to your former glory and power. Your body will not fail anymore and you will see clearly. Healing Continue to seek me and stay close to me so that you do not miss my day of visitation. I will knock at your door and when you open your health will be restored. Understand that your prayers are already heard and accepted. Wait on me and be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Michael Triple Grace