Prophetic Word for the 14th of December 2019

Prophetic Word for the 14th of December 2019 - Raise the Alarm Raise the alarm in the Nations. Repent, Repent because the Kingdom of GOD is at hand. Be my true son and daughter and my watchman on the wall. Raise the alarm and warn the Nations of the great danger that is at their door. A new Pharaoh is rising and he will be the most fierce king of this world ever. Raise the alarm My people are my watchmen and many voices are already warning you. This time is the time of the seals and it is the time before I come down to bring the wrath of the lamb. This is your time to call all the lost to the narrow and righteous path. To my way of love and truth. Tell them to repent and to follow my commandments and my examples. Raise the alarm Raise the alarm and tell the people to come out of the world and Babylon because I will hand over the world to the Antichrist and if you remain in the world, in your old ways, then you will face his fury. But I have mercy on all people and offer you an open door and a new path towards my holy mountain. Come out and choose it before it is too late. The alarm was raised. It is up to you to heat it. Michael Triple Grace

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