Prophetic Word for the 22nd of December 2019

Prophetic Word for the 22nd of December 2019 - Demonstrate my Kingdom Demonstrate my Kingdom on earth. You are my true sons and daughters and co-heirs with my only begotten son Jesus. The world needs to see my heavenly kingdom and you can show it to them through my unconditional love and your example. Demonstrate my Kingdom Your example of the heavenly righteous deeds will give a true and holy demonstration of my Glory and Power on earth. Go out daily into your neighborhoods and lift up the needy, nameless and faceless with my love and in my name. Demonstrate my Kingdom You are my representatives on earth and you are the banner that I am raising against the darkness that is falling on the world. As my true sons and daughters you are to demonstrate the Power and Glory of my heavenly Kingdom. Do that daily and through the examples you set in your neighborhoods. Love your neighbors as yourself and come together in brotherly love. Michael Triple Grace

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