Daily prophetic Word for the 28th of December 2019

Prophetic Word for the 28th of December 2019 - Restoration of the Acts Church Restore my altar to its former glory and establish my true church of the Book of Acts. A church that could thrive during persecution. A church full of zeal and love for me. They took their cross and followed me. They established home churches wherever they could. Restoration of the Acts Church They were an action filled church, spreading my Gospel of the Kingdom for all to hear and lifted up needy I sent them. They were bold in spirit and faith. They were humble before me and in unity with all believers. They acted in one accord and had all in common. Restoration of the Acts Church Such is my true church. Restore such assemblies in your homes and neighborhoods so that you serve our Father in Heaven as true sons and daughters. I will send you the helper as I did for my apostles and you will do even greater things than I did. Walk in my spirit and restore the church of Acts. Michael Triple Grace

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