Prophetic Word for the 21st of January 2020

Prophetic Word for the 21st of January 2020 - Disentangle yourself Disentangle yourself from the old ways, from your worldly life and from the sins you commit. Disentangle yourself from the snares of the enemy - Satan. Come out of the World and Babylon and walk the righteous and narrow path in the middle where my heavenly Kingdom is converging over the earth. This is your dominion. Disentangle yourself My son Jesus set you free from sin and death and now you need to set yourself free from the things that you have accepted freely but are from the prince of the air. Be free from any demonic presence, from any demonic interference and from any demonic temptations. Disentangle yourself from the World and from Babylon, the old churches who are based on greed and self-righteousness. Disentangle yourself I am calling out into your freedom to take dominion of the path in the middle where my Kingdom has come onto the earth. There I will join with you and there you will receive the first dominion - Paradise. On that path and in that place will I walk with you in a new relationship between you, as my true sons and daughters and me, as you eternal Father. Disentangle yourself and step out into the new. Michael Triple Grace

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