Prophetic Word for the 1st of February 2020

Prophetic Word for the 1st of February 2020 - Time of Power Your time of power has arrived. I will lift you on up high. You will show my power and my glory to all nations and all kingdoms on earth. My power that dwells in you will be released and your light will become a flaming sword. You will cut the bonds of the enemy and set yourself and all of my sheep free. Time of Power Do you feel my power inside of you? Do you feel that the race towards my kingdom is starting now? The gates of heaven will be opened and my Holy Spirit will fall on all of my Ministers of fire. You will minister to my saints and to my lost sheep. You will be an example for the lukewarm churches and many will be drawn to your light. Time of Power Your time has arrived. Stand up now and let your power come forth. Let your light shine for all to see and build my true church in your houses and neighborhoods. You were created and filled with my power for such a time as this. As my ministers of fire you will restore my altar to its former glory and you will take dominion of my kingdom on earth. Michael Triple Grace

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