Prophetic Word for the 13th of February 2020

Prophetic Word for the 13th of February 2020 - Walk my path Have I not shown you enough examples? Have I given you not enough parables? Why don't you understand that you have to walk my path? Take your cross and walk my path in love and unity. A family must remain united to function perfectly. But my family is scattered all over the world. Walk my path I am calling my family into unity. Show yourself for others to see so that they can connect to their brothers and sisters in my name. Re-unite my family. Go and seek your brothers and sisters in the nations and come together as my true bride in Love, Unity and Support. You are in dire need of places of safety and I am willing to build them with you. Places prepared for the time of the Great Exodus when I will command you to move out of the World and Babylon. Walk my path The times have come when you must act in unity because the enemy will take over the world. Only in unity you will be able to stand against the darkness. Be my royal priesthood, have access to the Holy Place and join together with your brothers and sisters worldwide. Show yourself so that others can connect with you and that you can establish my places of love and righteousness all over the earth. I am commanding you to show yourself and to walk my path! Michael Triple Grace

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