Prophetic Word for the 14th of February 2020

Prophetic Word for the 14th of February 2020 - Use your powers I have given you special powers, my gifts for you. Now step out and use them for the benefit of my kingdom to be established on earth. My holy spirit was sent to you so that you have dreams and visions, epiphanies and encounters with angels and saints. This knowledge must be shared. Use your powers These gifts were given to you but they belong to all brothers and sisters who are mine. Do not keep them but let your light shine in all places that you walk in. A light will be given to end darkness so that many who believe in my name can see and can return to me. You have received such a light. Do not hide it in your closet. Use your powers Come out and show forth your light for all to see. Use your powers to help gather the lost sheep and my true sons and daughters who are ready to show my love to the nations. You are well prepared and well trained for your moment of glory. Be part of my rising remnant army and come out of your hiding places. Let your light shine as never before. Use your powers. Michael Triple Grace

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