Prophetic Word for the 20th of February 2020

Prophetic Word for the 20th of February 2020 - We will walk together I am yearning for the times when we walked together in the Garden of Eden. Every day I enjoyed our conversations and our relationship. Then you fell! Let us again walk together as in paradise and let us come into union of mind, thoughts and souls. I have so much to tell you and my love for you is never ending. We will walk together You are my true sons and daughters and we will walk together again. Return to me and seek me in your life first so that we can start a new relationship. I am here. I feel sorry for all of my sheep that are falling for the wolves who are teaching them in their churches. Many false teachers with false doctrines are leading you astray. We will walk together Seek me alone and we will walk together. Here on earth and later in paradise when I will grant you eternal life. I am a merciful father and I will forgive you your trespasses. Return to your first love and come out of the broad way to enter my narrow and righteous path that is always open for you. You are my sons and daughters and my royal priesthood. Let us walk together again. Michael Triple Grace

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