Prophetic Word for the 23rd of February 2020

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of February 2020 - On a higher path I will call you onto a higher path. A path of a new close relationship with me. A narrow and righteous path that will lead to eternal life. These path is on high. It is a heavenly path protected by my angels and guarded by my cherubs. Only my true sons and daughters can walk this path. On a higher path Repent, turn away from the world and abide in me. Focus your life on me and reset it to the heavenly concept that I am providing. I am gathering you from all the nations. You are scattered and alone. The enemy will destroy you if you do not come into unity. The unification of my royal priesthood and the bride of my son Jesus is at hand. On a higher path Leave the worldly and lukewarm churches and understand that you are my temple and my church. Build my dwelling places, share your wisdom I gave to you with your brothers and sisters and go into your neighborhoods to seek my lost sheep. A new life is awaiting you on a higher path. On my path of love and righteousness filled with the Spirit and Truth. Your light will be my beacon to which I will call my sheep. They will come to you and you will rescue you them in my name. Allow them into your sheep den for my name's sake. I am your GOD. Michael Triple Grace

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