Prophetic Word for the 25th of February 2020

Prophetic Word for the 25th of February 2020 - You are my white rider You are my white rider, my army of purity and righteousness that is conquer and overcoming the world and Babylon. My white rider who will shoot my arrows into the hearts of all lost sheep. You are robed in fine white linen as sign for the righteous deeds of the saints that you do in the world. You are setting an example of my love for all to see. You are my white rider Love and righteousness are your weapons with which you will stand against the enemy forces and with which you will be victorious in my name. My white riders are a great army of powerful warriors who let their light shine into their neighborhoods, who are standing together in unity and who are walking with my son Jesus where ever he goes. You are my white rider I sent you the spirit of Moses and Elijah to strengthen your soul and heart for the upcoming battle at the gates. Walk the narrow and righteous path until the end in spirit and truth. Do not fear and do not get distracted by the world but focus on my heavenly kingdom alone. You have turned your heart back to me and I will protect you in your camps and dwelling places. You are my holy army of white riders who will go forth over the earth to seek my lost sheep and to bring in the harvest, the multitude clothed in white. Michael Triple Grace

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