Prophetic Word for the 27th of February 2020

Prophetic Word for the 27th of February 2020 - I am the Lion I am coming as a lion to bring forth my wrath on the lukewarm churches and the world that is at ease. You are killing your children, murdering your neighbors and follow false gods. My wrath will come and you will have no where to hide. I will pour out judgements on all nations for their iniquities and their lies saying their mine but follow Satan. I am the Lion I will come suddenly like a lion from the thicket and no one will be spared. You will all suffer in my wrath because the lamb is turning into a mighty lion. I gave you enough time to repent and to abide in me. You refused and hid in your lukewarm churches and behind false pastors and teachers. You refused to listen to my voices who called you out of the World and Babylon and so you refused me. I am the Lion You were never willing to take your cross and to follow me but believed in a comfortable human gospel of grace instead of my Gospel of the Kingdom. My "grace" has come to an end and judgement is starting in my house. My house of prayer has become a den of thieves and robbers and my temple is defiled by rich and comfortable men. I will wake my true church and I will guide them to my holy mountain and there I will take them to me forever more. But you generation of vipers will go into the lake of fire. I am the Lion of Judah and I am your GOD. Michael Triple Grace

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