Prophetic Word for the 3rd of March 2020

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of March 2020 - Let my people go I am shouting at Satan: "Let my people go" and I am declaring the upcoming Great Exodus out of the World. I am calling my people spiritual Israel out of her and onto the path towards their new home. Their new home is the promised land, Paradise. The world will be punished until they will let my people go. Pestilences, darkness and disasters will plague the Nations until they agree to let my people go. Let my people go Your economy will crumble in front of your eyes, your firstborn will disappear on my command and all your properties and riches will be given to the righteous because I have spoken and my words are just and true. Remember Egypt! The Pharaoh was stubborn as you are right now but I brought him onto his knees and I will do the same with you, generations of snakes and vipers. I have warned you many times but you stick to your master, Satan. Let my people go Now the time has come that you alwazs wanted. The glorification of my true church, the judgements on my lukewarm churches, the escape of the innocent and the plagues on the World. You prayed for it and now it is here. You thought that I would come to rescue you from your lukewarm churches but instead I will plague you because you are a stubborn people and do not listen to my prophets. You stone them with your words and claim a greater understanding but you are far away from the truth. Repent, turn to me and I might show mercy on you and allow you to walk in the Great Exodus. But if you do not come out of Babylon, your old churches, then you will experience my full wrath. Do not be deceived by your own thinking but listen to my chosen vessels who are calling you out of her. Michael Triple Grace