Prophetic Word for the 4th of March 2020

Prophetic Word for the 4th of March 2020 - Discernment of times Discern the signs of the times and see what is happening around you. The world is in turmoil, the nations in lock down and the economy at the brink of collapse. The end times have arrived and my judgements are being poured out. Now is the time to stand for my heavenly kingdom and to come out of your hiding places to be my banner and standard against the evil flood. Discernment of times You can plan ahead in your worldly affairs but when it comes to your spiritual life you are at ease and wait for me. But I am calling you into action to be my powerful warriors and to take the battle to the gate. Come together in Love, Unity and Support, build my safe havens and gather my harvest of the ages into my barn. In unity you will prevail against any at all demonic forces that will be thrown at you. Discernment of times I will protect you in my safe havens that we will build together in all nations. My heavenly concept for the end times has been presented to you by my prophets but you have rejected it and maintained you walk on the broad way. Walk the narrow and righteous towards my holy mountain and come out of the world and Babylon. Discern the signs of the times. They are all confirmed in my holy scriptures and so is my heavenly concept for my true church, the church of the firstborn. Wake up and see the signs of the times. Michael Triple Grace

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