Prophetic Word for the 5th of March 2020

Prophetic Word for the 5th of March 2020 - A fallen World This world will fall and I will replace it with the new Heaven and new Earth. You have murdered your children, killed millions in useless wars and stoned my prophets. My mercy has ended and my grace is over. I am coming to judge this fallen world. Be ready to lose all of your precious possessions, your careers, your riches and your freedom. A fallen World My wrath will not be kindled by soft prayers or your tears. I will take all away from you because you did not listen to my chosen vessels that I sent to you. Instead you called them false prophets. None of my true prophets has ever spoken an unclean word to you. They sought your soul, mind and heart to set you free from the fallen world and Babylon but you remained in your transgressions and sins without remorse. A fallen World Now there is nothing anymore that can stop the demise of the old because the new is declared and decreed in heaven. You rescue lies alone with my only begotten son Jesus Christ and his actions that serve as an example for you. But even him you refuse to acknowledge by clinging to a false Gospel of inactivity that makes you prey for the enemy. The nations are at ease in a world that is falling apart. Wake up before it is too late and walk as my son did so that you are accounted worthy to stand before me. This world is a fallen World! Michael Triple Grace