Prophetic Word for the 13th of March 2020

Prophetic Word for the 13th of March 2020 - The Church of the Firstborn My united ambassadors of Heaven are my Church of the Firstborn. They are not only the true shepherds of my lost sheep but also the elders of the dwelling places of Zion. They are full of zeal for the heavenly kingdom as my first Christians were in the Book of Acts. The first assemblies showed forth examples of obedience and love for me that the Church of the Firstborn will follow. The Church of the Firstborn They are my prophets, my teachers, my royal priesthood, my harvest workers and my true sons and daughters. They live and act for the Kingdom of Heaven and they spread my love towards the nations. They are my foundation builders, my prophetic flock of end time warriors and my highly favoured representatives on earth. They will guide you onto the narrow path that will lead to my holy mountain. The Church of the Firstborn They present to all of my children the heavenly way and concept for such as time as this because I will never leave any of my sons or daughters behind. This heavenly concept will bring my Kingdom down onto the earth. Places of true worship will be established in which all of my children will come together in Love, Unity and Support. There they will be prepared for the rapture at Mount Zion and eternal life. Be part of the Church of the Firstborn! Michael Triple Grace