Prophetic Word for the 16th of March 2020

Prophetic Word for the 16th of March 2020 - Pleading my blood Many people are using my blood wrongly. They just use words to plead my blood over any issue, mostly for their own benefits. This is not the way how you should do it. My shed blood symbolizes the completed ministry on the cross and the start of the new level of resurrection in a new body. If you want to plead my blood then you need to walk in my full ministry. Pleading my blood Walking in my full ministry and in all examples that I gave you is a complete changed lifestyle and cannot be done with one leg in the world. Are you ready to abide in me? Many people believe that by just saying a prayer and quoting a bible verse they can plead my blood but this is wrong. You must walk in all of my teachings and in all of my examples to be able to plead my blood over others. Pleading my blood It requires action, taking your cross and walking in my footsteps. Going into your neighborhoods seeking my lost sheep and gathering the children of heaven into the safe places. I have fulfilled my ministry. Do you even have considered starting your own? Are you active every day by spreading my Gospel of the Kingdom to the lost and the lukewarm churches? Are you ready to plead my blood? Michael Triple Grace

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