Prophetic Word for the 25th of March 2020

Prophetic Word for the 25th of March 2020 - Kindness I hear the prayers of my prophet every day and I am blessing him with daily prophetic words. You like them and you enjoy them but you do not support his ministry. Kindness and support is an important part of my heavenly kingdom and my true sons and daughters must act on these principles by supporting my moves here on earth. Kindness You do not show forth compassion and mercy to needy people in your neighborhood alone but you are also likewise required to support my chosen ministries. Coming together in love, unity and support is mandatory in these end times. Be my vessels of support, build the holy places, come out of the old and enter my promise of intimacy and a personal relationship with me, your Father. Help and support my prophets and their ministries. Kindness You were blessed by me in your life and you received wealth and riches. Now the time has come to use it for Kingdom purposes by supporting my prophet and his ministry that is gathering you together in my holy places. In such a time as this you need to focus on the heavenly kingdom and to separate yourself from the world which will fall. Help my prophets and my end time ministries to fulfill what I have commanded them. Only in Unity with you, as supporters and helpers, will they be able to guide you to Paradise. You are my Kingdom financiers and Foundation builders. Michael Triple Grace

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