Prophetic Word for the 26th of March 2020

Prophetic Word for the 26th of March 2020 - Rescue my children After I removed the Innocent, the children under the age of accountability and a few perfect ones who had clean and spotless garments you are required to gather my remaining sons and daughters. Gather them into my holy places that you are establishing right now in the nations with the help of my angels. There they can experience my presence in their midst and there I will fill them with the Holy Spirit. Rescue my children This rescue mission will become the greatest revival the world has ever seen. Such light will be seen that people believe the sun has come onto the earth but in reality my Kingdom has come. Places of Heaven are created on earth for all to see and for all to participate in. There they will be taught in my principles of Heaven and they will be gathered in the Unity of my family. Rescue my children Powerful shepherds and elders, all annointed by myself, will lead these places and will guide the flock in the Great Exodus towards my holy mountain, towards Mount Zion. There I will take my children out of the world and into Paradise. The established holy places are your end time ministries that focus on my Kingdom only. They have separated themselves from the world and the old ways and walk in a new intimate relationship with me, their Father. The marriage of my son Jesus with his bride is commencing and the wedding supper of the Lamb will be done in these holy places in my presence before my son will take his bride to my house and throne on Zion. Michael Triple Grace

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