Prophetic Word for the 30th of March 2020

Prophetic Word for the 30th of March 2020 - Spread the Word Spread my word for the end times to the nations. Let them hear my words for such a time as this. My heavenly concept for the seal tribulation is revealed. Will I find faith on earth. Will my children change and come out of the old to embrace my Kingdom of Heaven? Will my prophets be able to move you out of the world? Spread the Word Use all your means to spread my revelations of the Kingdom Age to your family, friends and also my lost sheep and the lukewarm churches. I do not want that even one soul will get lost. I am shaking heaven and earth and I remove worldly kingdoms and powers. The time has come to focus on my heavenly kingdom alone. Draw closer to me into a new intimate relationship with your father. Spread the Word Be faithful as my true sons and daughters and gather the harvest of the ages into my barn. My lost sheep need your guidance towards my holy mountain, Mount Zion where I will raise you up into Paradise. Spread my words into all nations, to all tongues and to all tribes as the apostles of my beloved son Jesus did. I will sent you the Holy Spirit to help you to reach all who have an ear to hear what your GOD is saying to all of mankind. Let your light shine as never before. Michael Triple Grace