Prophetic Word for the 6th of April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 6th of April 2020 - Clean your garments I see your garments and they are not clean. They are stained with dark or black marks because you still walk in the World and in Babylon. You still are more interested in worldly matters than in my Kingdom. You are continuously to follow people who are feeding you with worldly affairs and the lies of the enemy. Every day I see you running to their channels to watch the latest worldly stories and you do not realize how you hurt me by that. Clean your garments You are my sons and daughters and you do not belong to this world but to my heavenly kingdom alone. Return to your first love, to your father upon high and to your creator who wishes to walk with you daily as it were in Paradise. Clean your garments from the filth of the world and from the lies of your lukewarm churches. Clean them in the blood of my son Jesus and return to the Kingdom that you belong too. Clean your garments I am seeking my true sons and my true daughters walking in fine, white linen so that I can present you to my son as a spotless bride and so that the marriage can commence in heaven and on earth. Seek the heavenly kingdom and invest in kingdom purposes only. Join my ministries that will guide you to the holy mountain, to my throne room and that will feed you with my heavenly manna. Turn your hearts back to the father. You are mine and do not belong to the World. Michael Triple Grace

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