Prophetic Word for the 8th of April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 8th of April 2020 - This is the beginning This is the beginning of my new path. At Passover 2020 all will begin. My children will come up higher and closer to me in a new, never experienced intimacy with their Father. I was yearning for this day to walk again with my creation as I did in Paradise. Now my holy places will be established in the nations and great communities of new faith and spirit are started. This is the beginning The next level on the path towards my Kingdom has arrived. These new breed of Christians, my true sons and daughters for which the whole earth is groaning, are being born. They are coming forth in the time of tribulation, As a woman in travail just before birth I shook the earth and now the birth is here. My children are coming together in Love, Unity and Support in my great Community of Heaven on all continents. This is the beginning A new beginning, much closer than ever before except Paradise, a new relationship with me through the family of the Kingdom. Acting together as a family, loving one another, supporting one another, eating with one another and lifting one another up. A great family of Heaven is being established on earth as I speak. These holy places, these communities of love, mercy and understanding, are my delight and my heavenly principles will flow through them and will be shown for all to see.

Walk with me every day in my house, my holy place, as a newly born creation of Heaven as my true sons and daughters and as part of the family of heaven in a new intimate way I brought forth on earth. Michael Triple Grace