Prophetic Word for the 14th of April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 14th of April 2020 - Millennium Kingdom Are you aware that the next step of my heavenly plan is the Millennium Kingdom? My son will reign in his Kingdom on earth. Now you are getting prepared for it. I am initiating a dress rehearsal for my coming Kingdom in which you will learn how to stay together in Love, Unity and Support. In a family relationship with me and my heavenly Kingdom. Millennium Kingdom You cannot just enter the Millennium Kingdom but a forerunner needs to prepare you well in the same pattern as John, the baptist was the forerunner of my son in the spirit of Elijah. Now I am sending you the spirits of Moses, Elijah and David to prepare you for my coming Kingdom. You will learn about my Kingdom, how to stay in my presence and my principles will become yours. Millennium Kingdom New places will be established on earth. Holy places on holy ground that will show you examples of how to live in the Millennium Kingdom with mercy, love and compassion. Great lights will arise on all continents. There you will be taught to stay in the family community of heaven and to follow my commandments. Daily will you show your love for me and for your neighbors as you were commanded by my sons Jesus. There I will protect and bless you. Take part in the dress rehearsal of the Kingdom. Michael Triple Grace

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