Prophetic Word for the 19th April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 19th of April 2020 - A new Mission I sent you my only begotten son for his ministry on earth and he was the head of the body. But now I am calling on the body of Christ to enter the new mission. A new mission of seeking my lost sheep, of gathering the harvest of the ages and of spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom. A Mission for the family of Heaven to show the world my principles and my love. A new Mission Be ready to serve me as never before. Your light will shine to the darkest corners and the people will flock to you for understanding and safety. My will be done on earth. You will establish the greatest family community of the Kingdom the World has ever seen. Within I will bring forth great revival and great blessings for all to see. A new Mission A new Mission to experience me as the Father in a new intimate way. Closer as ever before and on holy ground. I will walk with you daily in the holy places as I did with Adam and Eve in Paradise. Establish my new communities as Acts 2.0 in the Nations and feed my sheep daily. Act in Love, Unity and Support with having all in one accord and everything in common. Be my true sons and daughters and co-heirs to the Kingdom. You are on a new Mission as the united body of Christ. Michael Triple Grace