Prophetic Word for the 21st of April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 21st of April 2020 - Trust in me I am your rock and your fortress. Trust in me alone to come to the Father. I am your bulwark in the storm and the refuge in your times of trouble. Only through me will you come to the Father and into the Kingdom. Therefore I have revealed my plans for such a time as this. Trust in me. Trust in me Do not rely on the world or the lukewarm churches and do not put your trust in your false preachers, prophets and apostles who tinkle your ears with worldly messages. My Kingdom is not of this world and as such my prophets will not speak words about the world but of the heavenly Kingdom only. As I spread the Gospel of the Kingdom so will my apostles of the end times do it. Trust in me The time has come to be trained for my coming Millennium Kingdom. New forerunners will guide and lead you in this time period so that you learn to apply the heavenly principles of love, mercy and compassion. My end time movement is revealed and new communities of heavenly families will come together in Love, Unity and Support. Fulfilling my two commandments to love the Father above all else and to love their neighbors as themselves. This movement is the return to the King and his Kingdom. All prodigal sons and daughters are called out of the world and Babylon. I am your bulwark in these perilous times. Michael Triple Grace

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