Prophetic Word for the 24th of April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 24th of April 2020 - Acts 2.0 I am sending you my fiery tongues for a second time as I did on Pentecost after my son ascended. At that time it launched a great awakening and spreading of the Gospel of my Kingdom. Now it will being poured out on my chosen vessels who are willing to be part of my holy places and who are being true sons and daughters of me. They will form Acts 2.0 and will gather in the harvest of the ages. Acts 2.0 My Kingdom based family communities will operate in all nations and in all tongues. They will show examples of mercy, love and compassion into their neighborhoods and wonders and miracles will follow them. They are not only the dress rehearsal of my coming Millennium Kingdom but also the dress rehearsal of the 144000. In Acts 2.0 I will test and train my future chosen 144000 bond servants. There they will learn how to serve me and me alone. Acts 2.0 These assemblies of love, unity and support will unite my returning prodigal sons and daughters into the Commonwealth of GOD to turn the heart of the children to the Father and to be my example of the heavenly Kingdom here on earth. They will have all in one accord, everything in common and they will share their resources with one another. My royal priesthood will support one another and will act in my heavenly principles as my ambassadors in the Nations. Seek them, join them and be part of my Acts 2.0 assemblies. Michael Triple Grace

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