Prophetic Word for the 26th of April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 26th of April 2020 - Dual purposes I am in control but many say that Satan has taken over the world. I state it again that I am in control and everything that happens is allowed by me. Satan is a copy cat and not a creator. I am the creator of the world and the universe and without my permission nothing happens on earth as it is in heaven. Dual purposes I permit Satan to go ahead with his plans so that the Kingdom age will begin. A new era is here where dual purposes needs to be addressed. Dual purposes describe the plans of the enemy and my heavenly concept for such a time as this. Do not forget that I am in charge and that all is permitted by me. My judgement will fall but at the same time great revival for the harvest of the ages will come forth and also the enemy must have his time as it is described in the scriptures. Dual purposes The time of dual purposes is at hand. The time of light and darkness operating at the same moment. The time of the war between light and darkness, between my heavenly kingdom and the kingdom of the Antichrist as described in Daniel 8. None of you understand Daniel 8 correctly as it describes the end times not history. The nations involved will soon appear and many will be surprised. It is a time of dual purposes but I am always in control. The war of the children of light versus the army of darkness has commenced. Michael Triple Grace

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