Prophetic Word for the 27th of April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 27th of April 2020 - The final meeting I am calling the final meeting before I will send out my angels to bring you into the places and positions you need to be in right now. The Kingdom age has begun. My angels will support and protect you so that you are able to establish my new sanctuaries of heaven here in the earth. New holy places are being established in which we will walk every day as it was in Paradise. The final meeting In this meeting my angels will be giving charge over the enemy and they will be given a huge sword to fight any and all demonic forces or principalities of the air that will stand against my end times movement. My children your time has come to shine as never before. You do not know yet how the new places will look like and what you will experience in them but you have faith that this is the move of me. The final meeting I have ordered that what was started after the ascension of my son will now be restored with the former and the latter rain so that the examples of the heavenly principles will be brought forth for all to see. My power and my glory will rest on these new sanctuaries who are heavenly places on earth filled with my royal priesthood who are ready and willing to serve me in the seal tribulations. The final meeting in heaven is here. And you are called into you places and positions right now. Do not fear because my angels will be with you. Michael Triple Grace

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