Prophetic Word for the 29th of April 2020

Prophetic Word for the 29th of April - I am taking the Innocent Finally the time has come to remove my children under the age of accountability and a few who made their garments clean as white. This will be a sign for all of you will be left behind to return to my Kingdom and to your Father. You are all sons and daughters of me. I am taking the Innocent However you are still living in a filthy world and you need to leave your old ways behind and bury your past as deep as you can. I am calling my prodigal sons home. A new door and a new path leading towards my Kingdom is open before you. Walk through and be guided by the Spirit of Moses, Elijah and David towards Mount Zion. I am taking the Innocent The removal of the children will cause great distress not only to the mothers and families but also to the whole world and they will try to explain these disappearances in many ways. But none of them will believe that I am, the only living GOD, is behind it. They will still remain in their old ways. Do not be part of them but come out of Babylon and return to the Kingdom of Heaven.

My end times movement is currently being prepared to bring Heaven down onto the Earth. Join them and walk with them on the narrow and righteous path so that you will join your children again in Paradise. Michael Triple Grace

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