Prophetic Word for the 1st of May 2020

Daily prophetic Word for the 1st of May 2020 - You are set free I am setting you free from the World and Babylon and you will return to your family. To your family in Heaven which resides in my sanctuaries. My sanctuaries are my holy temples united for and in my Kingdom. I am setting you free from darkness and uncleanness and wash your robe in my Power and my Glory. You are set free Now you need to return home. Your time of slavery to the world is over. Cross with me the Red Sea and make your first steps on holy ground and in Freedom. I am taking you out of the beast system and gather you into my holy places established in the nations. There we will have a new intimate relationship between Father and child. You are set free You are leaving the old dependencies behind, your old ways and your old principles and you return to my heavenly Kingdom and its principles clothed with new robes of love, mercy and compassion. The time of your bondage is over. Have the courage to step out of the World and Babylon and walk with me towards my holy mountain, towards Mount Zion where I will rapture you into Paradise. You are set free! Michael Triple Grace

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