Prophetic Word for the 2nd of May 2020

Prophetic Word for the 2nd of May 2020 - Come up the Mountain I am calling you up the mountain. Up on my holy mountain as I did with Moses. In the spirit of Moses you will come out of the world, cross the Red Sea, walk on holy ground and reach Mount Zion. Your time of the Great Exodus is here. I have set you free from work, the world and Babylon, your lukewarm churches. Now you will walk on the new level, in a new intimate relationship with me as my true sons and daughters. Come up the Mountain When you climb the mountain you will come into my presence. You will return to your true Father, the King of Heaven. I personally will hand over to you the principles of heaven that you shall teach to your neighborhoods. A new set of the 10 commandments is waiting for you to be collected. Come up the Mountain in the faith and spirit of Moses. I am waiting for you and I will forgive all of your sins and your whole past as I did with Moses. Come up the Mountain You will be my light in the Nations, my powerful warriors in the battle against the darkness and my trained royal priesthood that will serve me in the new holy sanctuaries that I will establish on all continents. Your light will be my witness to the earth of my heavenly Kingdom. It will be the forerunner of my coming Millennium Kingdom and you will show the whole world my heavenly principles through your examples. Your time has come. Your destiny is here. Come up the Mountain! Michael Triple Grace

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