Prophetic Word for the 3rd of May 2020

Prophetic Word for the 3rd of May 2020 - The new Earth I am changing your world, the way you walk and the way you perceive it. A new earth is here on which a battle between the sons of light and the sons of darkness is taken place. My army of powerful warriors is standing as my banner and ensign of my Kingdom against the Antichrist and his minions, the demonic forces given to him by his father, Satan. The new Earth Your life will never return to what it was before and now you will finally enter into your positions your were predestined for. Either to serve me as my royal priesthood or to stay stuck in the world. The new path is made ready and the door to reach it is wide open before your eyes. I am calling my chosen people out of the World and Babylon and out of a fallen Earth into my holy sanctuaries, my holy places. The new Earth Are you ready to change location and to walk with me wherever I guide you. A new land is waiting on the other side and all you need to do is to trust me that I can bring you to the promised land. Your new places will be on holy ground, on a new level of intimacy with me, your father, standing before my throne and walking in my Power and Glory and in my shadow every day. Representing my heavenly Kingdom and its principles here on the new Earth. Your destiny has arrived. The new Earth is here. Enter with me into your new locations. Michael Triple Grace