Prophetic Word for the 6th of May 2020

Prophetic Word for the 6th of May 2020 - Kingdom first Set my Kingdom first before anything in the world. My son Jesus gave you the love to your father as the first commandment. Do not neglect or skip it. Many are asking for my blessings in their lives but they refuse to place my Kingdom first. Focus on the heavenly realm always and then thereafter look at the world. Kingdom first As you saw the chosen people always being blessed when they followed my commandents and when they placed my Kingdom first. But when they walked away from the Kingdom path I was not pleased and judgements fall. I am a jealous GOD and I am always seeking my lost children. However I know how to deal with the stubborn ones. These need to learn a lesson through hardship and judgements. I am merciful and long suffering but there will be a time of wrath. Kingdom first Therefore place my Kingdom and my name first before you turn to the world. Then I will bless you and you will walk in my wonders and miracles as David did. I am calling you to be the first born of my Kingdom so that I can use you mightily in these end times. My holy and chosen vessels for such a time as this are coming together in my name and in the name of my son Jesus. In Love, Unity and Support. Become a first born. Michael Triple Grace

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