Prophetic Word for the 12th of May 2020

Prophetic Word for the 12th of May 2020 - Where are my Sons What if I would call you into the battle right now? Would you be ready? What if the rpature you yearn for will not come until later? Would you still continue to talk about my Kingdom? Where are my sons and daughters full of zeal, like the ones of the Book of Acts? Today everybody only wants to escape from this earth but nobody is willing to fight for me and to bring in a harvest of souls. Where are my Sons You are talking about great revival that will come because you will leave the earth. Are you worthy? What have you done today for my Kingdom? And yesterday? And the day before? I hear your prayers for the rapture but I do not see any worthwhile faith based action on your side that would qualify you to enter Heaven. My son Jesus ascended after he finished his ministry successfully. What about you? Have you even entered into your destiny on earth? Where are my sons Have you gathered my lost sheep? Have you fed them with the heavenly principles? Have you even come out of the World yourself? Where are my holy sanctuaries where I can walk with my true sons and daughters? It is easy to escape but difficult to take your cross and walk in the footsteps of my only begotten son. He showed you the examples of how to live and how to serve my Kingdom. Why don't you follow him? I am searching the World for a little Faith but can not find it. Where are my Sons and Daughters? Michael Triple Grace

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