Prophetic Word for the 14th of May 2020

Prophetic Word for the 14th of May 2020 - I must warn you My people I must warn you. War is coming very soon and you need to be prepared. Your last moment to come out of the world and Babylon is here. The great shaking is at hand and it will lead to war. The world will be fallen by December. The stage is set for the red rider of the Book of Revelation. I must warn you It will all begin with an incident at sea, then followed by an ultimatum and the attack on a Tower. Thereafter everything will be in turmoil and great disaster is coming to the nations. Move out of the World now and seek shelter in my heavenly Kingdom. Do not trust in your governments or armies. Death will be everywhere and no family will be sparred. I must warn you The world will be on fire and only my holy sanctuaries, my holy places, will be protected. There my sons and daughters will be under my wings and in my safe havens. Decide now if you want to remain in a fallen world or enter my heavenly Kingdom as a co-heir with my son Jesus. I am waiting for my prodigal sons and daughters to return home. I have warned you. Michael Triple Grace

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