Prophetic Word for the 25th of May 2020

Prophetic Word for the 25th of May 2020 - Receive my Power I will send you my Powers from up high because you are entering now into a new level for me, into becoming my end time apostles to bring in the harvest of the ages. Great signs were seen in the skies, the stars and the moon to show you that your time has arrived. The man child is being born who will walk in the footsteps of my son on earth. Receive my Powers Also many of you just want to escape all things I have different plans for most of you. You need to fulfill your destiny on earth before I will rapture you into Paradise. Be of good cheer! You were trained and prepared well for the new path as harvest workers and my angels and saints will tend to you. Fulfill your purpose and I will reward you when you stand before my throne. Receive my Powers The mantles and appointment for your new task will be given now during your training with the saints of old who will rise from the dead as another sign of my power and for the times of the end. I am sending you my double powers from Heaven through them and through my beloved son Jesus who will also guide you as his true bride on your final path towards my holy mountain, Mount Zion. Be ready now and receive my Power Michael Triple Grace

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